Michael Hermann


"My artistic journey with clay began as a student of Ann Marlin. Refined with the guidance of Margaret Brown it is fueled by my imagination and a quest to create contemporary art as well as traditional work for the table.
The ancient practice of firing pottery in an open fire or pit fascinates me. Some of my most dramatic pots were fired in my campfire. The results are random and magical.
I like to wrap a pot in soft clay covered with sawdust, banana peel, seaweed and other organic matter. When I pull the pot from the embers, the warm earth tones that are produced delight me. Adding chemicals creates impressive colours. Close inspection of the fired pot reveals images of fern leaves and salt-soaked straw.
Another interesting technique involves placing horsehair against red-hot pots producing unique lines. Adding sugar makes black dots.
I experiment with different shaped pots to adorn the home: hearts and spheres, vases, cups and bowls and other tableware in my electric kiln."