Robin Patterson

Multiple Media

"Robin Patterson, a lifelong artist, works in multiple mediums. She has exhibited and sold her work across Canada and the United States.

"I love the immediacy of charcoal and the spontaneity of watercolour. I love that first mark on an empty surface. I watch the white space, never quite sure which of my ideas will manifest itself there. I place my trust in the surface and the medium. I am not easily frustrated by the process and don’t give up if the work isn’t going my way. I recognize that art has a life of its own and there is often an ugly duckling stage that must be acknowledged. If I try and force it, it won’t progress. I must let the piece happen on its own, trust that it will, and recognize it when it does.
It feels like magic."

She has opened her studio to teach and share her love of art.

"The ability to make art, to express oneself, is exhilarating, and the world is bigger and brighter for having done so. Tap into your own creativity and try something new!"