Robin Patterson

Multiple Media

"Robin Patterson, a lifelong artist and graphic designer, works in multiple mediums. She has exhibited and sold her work across Canada and the United States.

“It is my goal to express at least some of the many ideas that come to me at odd moments. I try and expand my skills and keep in touch with the art and culture around me, absorbing…learning…processing. I’ll try almost everything. Perhaps that is why my portfolio is so widely varied in subject matter, palette and medium. I used to consider that a problem. Now as I look over my work both past and present, I’m happy for the variety. I want my art to be accessible, to meet as wide an audience as possible and to appeal to a broad range of tastes.

“And I have opened my studio to teach and share my love of art as the Crayon Box Studio. The ability to make art and express oneself, is exhilarating, and the world is bigger and brighter for having done so. Tap into your own creativity and try something new!""