Robin Patterson

Multiple Media

"Robin Patterson, a lifelong artist, works in multiple mediums. She has exhibited and sold her work across Canada and the United States. She is a writer, artist, graphic designer and creative arts teacher.

“There has never been a time in my life that didn’t involve art, whether it be putting word to the page and paint to the canvas, or simply gathering ideas through creative exploration. Everything I see is fodder for my canvas. Every bird, every face, every crack in the sidewalk; everything is subject. I take it all in, synthesize the experience, and then release it, choosing medium and substrate according to subject, mood, and desired result.”

She has opened her studio to teach and share what she's learned over the years about art and creativity.

"The ability to make something, to express oneself, is exhilarating, and the world is bigger and brighter for having done so. Tap into your own creativity and try something new!""