Sara Léger

Mixed Media

"Hello My name is Sara,

I am an artist, a mom, a wife and have way too many cats. No that's a lie, you can never have too many cats.

I was born and raised in Lancaster, but have lived all over Canada in my "younger, braver days". I attended Sheridan College for Art Foundations & Illustration, which, by the way, is where I met my husband. There's a fun story!

He slapped me on the rear and with two fingers cocked like pistols he pointed them at me and said "hey toots." It was love at first sight. Guess I'm weird that way... anyhow

We spent the next few years in Montreal, Vancouver, then Montreal again and then finally we settled in my home town of Lancaster, where we raised our boys, I ran a successful gym until Covid and now I do ART.

Afterall, I went to College for this, might as well use it to empower women, make sarcastic Illustrations and just have fun with it all.

Life's too short to worry what others think.
Be unapologetically you!"