Sharon McDonell

Oil on Canvas

"I’m a 7th generation Glengarrian who grew up on the family farm at Bridgend. After High School, I started a BFA (Studio Arts) program at Queen’s University, but took a circuitous route to a BA in Film Studies. Now, after 25+ years working as a professional Costumer, Designer & Textile Artist in the Canadian Film Industry, I’ve moved back to Glengarry with the intention becoming a full-time Artist. Two years ago I bought a dilapidated old house on the Raisin River. I designed a home/studio for myself and proceeded with a major renovation. In spite of ongoing construction, I finally have a proper studio space where I can create.

I paint landscapes mostly - local, and from my travels - in oil. I also dabble in oil pastels, acrylics & photography. The future is wide open. Stop by to see the progress! "