Shirley Browsky


"Texture is the fabric of my life" there is no place for static, smooth surfaces. I try to put some of that texture into every piece of fabric that I create.

Colour is of particular importance to me. I am intrigued by the interaction of colours with each other and weave structures. As I can dye my own colours, I have a very special feeling of how a colour is made up and what it will work with. My dye palette includes over 1000 colours, many of which are woven into my fabrics.

With my sound knowledge of yarns, colours, design and weave structures, I create specialty handwoven skirt, jacket and coat fabrics for both men and women.

I also enjoy weaving "art" or decorative pieces in a variety of materials. As an OHS Master Spinner, I have an extremely well-rounded spinning, weaving and dyeing background enabling me to work with any fibre in any colour for any purpose{"