Virginia Lake

Ink & Coloured Marker

"I started playing with ink and markers about 18 years ago, my husband about 10 years ago suggested to put two of the drawings in a juried show. They received honourable mention. This encouraged me explore this realm of abstract design of mystical entities. I use to say I did not get enough colouring when I was a child now it just say they come from alpha and beta mind; show up on paper to find life and song/ poetry attached. The poetry comes after the picture is finished when the words appear. Personal Art available as originals, prints in matting, cards and books. Poetry collection on prints, card and as a book. Produced at Mystic Meadow Studio. The drawings include under the trademark name "Boobahkoos". All are fun, colourful and lead to stories that can be told to children and adults. Fantastical creatures from deep waters, in dense forests, mountain tops and outer space."