Yafa Goawily

Mixed Media

"Background: A child at heart, and an artist who aims to raise awareness about social issues while making the world a better and more colourful place.
Style & Media: As a filmmaker and an artist, she uses rich and colourful images to disrupt the norm and raise attention about imperative and often overlooked matters.
Themes: Yafa’s art is a vision of what she is, an accumulation of tales about Human Rights, Child Rights, and Women Empowerment - through vivid and vibrant imagery.

In a Few More Words
Art practically runs through Yafa Goawily’s veins. Coming from a family of artists, she grew up surrounded with this form of self-expression and thus, getting drawn to its allure became an inevitable fact. For Yafa, art is now an indispensable part of her identity. From performing arts to fine arts, Goawily has experimented with it all.
Goawily operates under the moniker of Yafa Arts & Craft
Yafa graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and a Filmmaking Diploma from Alexandria University in Egypt"